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Regulatory support & PED documents

Refrigeration systems - as well as refrigerants - are coming under more and more pressure to comply with economical, ecological, and quality requirements. Regulations are constantly evolving and are sometimes even hard to get. At HK Refrigeration, we believe this is our duty to help you understand, follow, and apply those rules.

Regulatory support & PED documents

Compliance support: stay head of changing regulations

Refrigerant transition, flammability, energy savings, CO2e taxation… There is a lot to think about! Fortunately, you can rely on our regulations experts to guide you through the regulations and help you find the most compliant product for your application.

Refrigerant transition and F-Gas regulation

In the pursuit of limiting global warming, governments impose stronger and stronger restrictions on refrigerants. This includes the so-called F-Gas regulation. We, at HK Refrigeration, are committed to helping you understand the ins and outs of this regulation and to supporting you throughout your refrigerant transition.

Choose greener solutions

We are offering several alternatives in order to help you realize your refrigerant transition we are offering several alternatives:

CO2 Naturally present in the atmosphere, it is up to 4,000 times less harmful to the planet than traditional refrigerants. Additionally, it is easily available on the market, inexpensive, not toxic, and not flammable.

A2L These refrigerants are very attractive as they provide a similar technology to HFCs; while having a lower GWP. Do not hesitate to contact our experts for more information: Contact number to define


This directive aims to encourage the production of more sustainable and energy-efficient solutions. Having a certified EcoDesign product is the guarantee of a high-quality product. Our experts are here to help you understand EcoDesign stakes and identify the advantages you can take of it.

Learn more about EcoDesign

Let our experts help

Our HK Refrigeration experts are here to guide you throughout your sustainable journey:

Stay ahead of changing guidelines and law

Choose the right refrigerant for your needs

Design a safe and compliant A2L system

Reduce GWP, charge level and CO2e

Implement your leak detection and inspection regime

Do you need support on regulation?

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