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Support & Services

Specialised retail & industrial Refrigeration

Specialist support to keep your Lennox HVAC unit reliable and efficient because choosing the best equipment is only the beginning.

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Do you need help concerning a service, installation, or parts replacement?

Because unexpected can be regrettable, trust our HK Refrigeration experts to take care of your refrigeration system!

A small refrigeration system breakdown can sometimes have strong consequences. We, at HK Refrigeration, have at heart to accompany you throughout time to make sure your equipment offers the best performance and efficiency possible. Have a look at our service selection and see how we can help you keep your goods at the right temperature, anytime.

Performance and reliability

Technical expertise

Energy efficiency and cost savings

Long-term regulatory compliance

HK Refrigeration Services

At HK Refrigeration, we are committed to accompanying and supporting you during your equipment’s entire lifespan. Have a look at the services that we are providing and discover how we can help you.

Spare parts

With over 1500 spare parts in stock, we make sure you get the right part with a short delivery time to minimize your system's downtime.

Regulatory support & PED documents

Our experts are here to guide you through changing regulations, refrigerant transition, energy consumption optimization, and more…


New technologies such as CO2 refrigeration systems sometimes require particular care when installed. Trust our experts to check your equipment's settings and components during installation.

Installation audit

Our technicians perform all startup procedures and annual performance inspections and ensure your system is running efficiently and reliably from the start and during its entire service life.


Get a 3-year warranty package with a performance inspection to be carried out 12 months after the date of the periodic control checklist.


Refrigeration units often operate under demanding conditions and system breakdowns can be very harmful to your business. Partner with our experts to guarantee maintenance checks are performed most efficiently, and at the right time.

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