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Transcritical CO2 booster rack

eCO2Boost L


The eCO2Boost L will ensure high performance and energy savings while reducing your environmental footprint. Its high refrigeration capacity makes it the perfect booster rack solution for large open spaces such as food processing industries or storage areas.

Cooling capacity

MT : 50 - 460 kW ; LT : 15 - 230 kW

Model Nomenclature

High performance, low environmental impact

Modular solution

Choose a model among two versions for outdoor and indoor applications, and associate it with several compressor combinations to create a product that will perfectly fulfill your needs.

Easy installation and maintenance

eCO2Boost L is compact and ready-to-install, which facilitates installation and maintenance.

Energy efficient

Advanced technologies are integrated into eCO2Boost S to ensure real energy savings.

Eco-frienly solution

eCO2Boost L uses CO2, a natural, high efficient refrigerant to offer you high performance while reducing your environmental footprint.

Applications & Markets

eCO2Boost L for your applications

Supermarkets and Hypermarkets

Food Processing Industries

Storage & Logistics

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